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Part C: Early Intervention/Early ACCESS Update


Updates have been made to describe new procedures related to modifying IFSPs, using the ACHIEVE system.  For guidance on procedure steps before, during and after an IFSP modification, please see the new guidance section in the Types of IFSPs page.

Modifying IFSPs

  • Modifying an IFSP does not change the due date of the Periodic Review or Annual Review.
  • If an IFSP Periodic or Annual Review is due within 30 days, it is recommended to revise the IFSP as part of the Review.
  • It is necessary to ensure the IFSP team has the opportunity to participate in the modification process.
  • An IFSP may be modified with or without a meeting. The IFSP team determines if the modification requires a meeting.

Note: If the only action is to “Change Providers,” then changing the provider is completed without initiating the modification process.