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Part C: Early Intervention Updates


Case Closures/Ending Referrals

Exiting Early Intervention

Early Intervention Records 

  • General Edits and Access – Page had some reorganization, general edits and points of clarification.  References to secure electronic methods of sharing records are made.
  • Records of Parties Obtaining Access to Educational Records: This requirement was added back into procedures: The AEA must keep a record of parties, except parents and authorized employees, obtaining access to early intervention records used for Early ACCESS. The records must include the following information: Name of the party; date access was given, and the purpose for which the party is authorized to use the records.  In most cases, parent consent is given through an Consent to Release and Exchange Information form, and this document is maintained in the state IFSP system, serving as the required documentation above.  In unusual cases of another party accessing records, where written consent is not in place (e.g. child abuse investigation, medical emergency) the agency maintaining the records (AEA or participating agency) will alternatively document instances of access.
  • The revised guidance  is integrated  into the Early Intervention Records page.

Resources (Part C)


Codes and Definitions Used in the ACHIEVE System – Early Intervention

  • A document/resource was developed that lists and describes Referral End Codes (when a child does not develop an initial IFSP), Delay Codes (used to monitor the timely service delivery, timeliness of IFSP services and transition timelines) and Exit Codes (exit reasons for children receiving Early Access services and exit before and after their third birthday).  The Codes and Definitions Used in the ACHIEVE System – Early Intervention document is housed on the Early Intervention Resource Page, and also linked in procedures, within the Case Closures and Exiting Early Intervention Pages.

Child Health Specialty Clinics: Guidelines for Health Assessments

Child Health Specialty Clinics: Early ACCESS Nutrition Services

Child Health Specialty Clinics: Early Access Nutrition Services Brochure