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Early Intervention Procedural

Update for July 2020

Changes in Medicaid Parent Authorization Form

The “Provider Name” column has been removed from the Medicaid Parent Authorization form. Therefore, if the provider changes it is not necessary to complete a new form.

Updated List of Diagnosed Conditions

Link to the new list: Iowa Early ACCESS Diagnosed Conditions Eligibility List

Additionally, revised references to “known condition” to “diagnosed conditions” through procedures and guidance.

Vision Services

The “Vision Services” code has been retired. At the next naturally occurring IFSP meeting, the IFSP team will need to determine the child’s need and use “Vision Instruction” if appropriate. For additional information on Early Intervention Services, click here.

The Iowa Department of Education, as the lead agency, partners with the Department of Public Health, Department of Human Services, Child Health Specialty Clinics, and Iowa’s Area Education Agencies to provide Early ACCESS services.