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Based on the quarterly review of the i3 Early Intervention content and feedback from users,  revisions were made on October 5, 2020.  The October update includes the addition of information previously included in Early ACCESS Procedures on case closures, addressing situations when a family declines an IFSP, and when services coordinators/services providers are unable to contact a family and/or implement an IFSP.  Two existing pages (Types of IFSPs and Child Find, Referral, and Intake) were updated and one new page was added (Case Closures).

Below is a summary of the changes: 

  1. Types of IFSPs page was updated
    1. Added information in the INITIAL IFSP section- “When a family declines the IFSP”
    2. Added information in the ONGOING ASSESSMENT section – “Unable to Contact Family and/or Implement IFSP”
  2. Child Find, Referral, and Intake page was updated
    1. Updated Step 6 on the “FIRST VISIT with the CHILD and FAMILY” section
    2. Added Step 7 on the “FIRST VISIT with the CHILD and FAMILY” section
  3. Case Closures page was added.  A link to this page can be found at the bottom of the Initial Evaluation page or by searching “Case Closures.”

Additionally, several Early ACCESS forms/letters have been reposted as “fillable PDFs” in the i3 Resources. The fillable forms/letters include: Early ACCESS Referral Thank You Letter, Early ACCESS Results Letter, STOP IFSP Services Letter, and the Surrogate Parent Recommendation Form (Early ACCESS).  

Lastly, based on user data and feedback, multiple steps are being taken to enhance the functionality of the “Search” option. 

Note:  The ‘Special Education Updates for October 2020’ will be released in the next few weeks.