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Educational Evaluation Report

The results of the initial evaluation are documented in the Educational Evaluation Report (EER).  The EER addresses the following questions:

  1. Are there exclusionary factors that are the determinant factor(s) for the identified concerns?
    1. lack of appropriate instruction in reading, including the essential components of reading instruction;
    2. lack of appropriate instruction in mathematics;
    3. limited English proficiency;
    4. cultural factors; or
    5. environmental or economic disadvantage
  2. What is the child's performance over time compared to expectations during systematic problem-solving (progress)?
  3. For each area of concern, what is the child's level of performance compared to standards (discrepancy)?
    1. Is the individual's performance meeting standards?
    2. If so, is the individual's level of performance sustained by interventions?
  4. What does the data indicate are the needs in the areas of:
      1. Instruction (how instruction is delivered)
      2. Curriculum (what skills need to be taught)
      3. Environment/Setting (what environmental modifications are necessary)
      4. Learning Supports (what family and community supports are needed)

Note: When determining if a learner has a Specific Learning Disability, teams must also assure the concern is not primarily the result of a visual, hearing or motor disability, a mental disability, or emotional disturbance.

Special note about health, vision/hearing, and physical domains

Progress: The evaluation team should document in the Educational Evaluation Report the reasons it believes the health, sensory, or physical limitation will have an impact on the progress of the child. In addition, if intervention data is not to be included in determining a child as having a disability, the team must notify their AEA Director of Special Education or designee.

Discrepancy: The evaluation team should document in the Educational Evaluation Report the health, sensory or physical functioning in comparison to typical age/grade peers that will have an impact on or currently impacts the child's educational performance, including access to and participation in educational settings and opportunities.

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After the evaluation results are summarized and documented in the EER, the evaluation team meets to determine eligibility.