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The assessment and delivery of special education services to incarcerated individuals in Iowa's adult correctional facilities is governed by an agreement between the Iowa Department of Education (DE) and the Iowa Department of Corrections (DoC). For additional information, refer to the Department of Education/ Department of Corrections Procedures and Guidelines.

Eligible students adjudicated to adult correctional facilities will receive special education services that meet applicable rules and laws of federal and state laws and rules. The special education requirements relating to participation in district-wide assessments and transition planning and services do not apply.

Typically, it will be necessary for IEP teams, including representatives at the adult corrections facility, to make modifications to the IEP of an incarcerated individual. AEAs are responsible for special education services and programs, only, in prisons.

Iowa adult correctional facilities include:

  • Clarinda Correctional Facility
  • Iowa Correctional Institution for Women
  • Iowa Medical and Classification Center
  • North Central Correctional Facility
  • Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility
  • Anamosa State Penitentiary
  • Iowa State Penitentiary
  • Newton Correctional Facility
  • Fort Dodge Correctional Facility

Students served in a correctional facility are to be added to the resident district’s special education count. The resident district will pay for services for the student while incarcerated and may be involved in IEP meetings for the students.

Special Note about Jails

Eligible individuals who are incarcerated in jails are the instructional responsibility of the LEA. The LEA in which the jail is located is responsible for assuring that the eligible individual receives instruction. The resident LEA is financially responsible for that instruction.